Your Body WANTS to Be Well: Lessons from a Chiropractor

When I graduated high school and attended university, I decided to become a natural health practitioner. Why? I wanted to help people. I always felt that a person could be the richest person in the world, but if you were chronically unhealthy it would be hard to really enjoy life.

 So how could I make people healthy?

 In becoming a natural health practitioner, I wanted a strong scientific basis for my further studies so I enrolled in Bachelor of Medical Science, majoring in Nutritional Biochemistry.  A few years into my studies I considered the path that all my classmates were taking to become a Medical Doctor.  As I further investigated this option, I became very aware that life would be filled with writing prescriptions and managing symptoms. Neither appealed to me. I didn’t want to treat the problems people were having, I wanted to teach people how to prevent the problems in the first place.

I am grateful for amazing medical doctors, so I don’t want to run them down. The few times I have truly needed drug intervention I have been grateful!! This was simply not a career that was going to satisfy my own paradigm of natural healing and preventative health care. I enrolled in Masters of Chiropractic and LOVED practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic for 10 years.  Chiropractic School taught me something I guess I always knew: the body wants to be healthy.  The body wants to be well.  The body does not want to be sick or overweight. The body has amazing internal powers of healing, we just need to look after the body correctly by giving it the right fuel, exercising regularly and reducing the stressors in our lives.  If we treat our body right, it will treat us right.

9435_17 (1)Being a chiropractor has given me a very intimate insight into people’s lives.  There were many times I was frustrated as people failed to make the connection between what they put in their mouths and how their body functioned.  There were teenage girls who lived off Diet Coke and Mars Bars with chronic headaches, their mums anxious to know why they kept on getting headaches.  There were children who refused to eat fresh vegetables who had problems with constipation and low back pain from a very early age.  To me it became very clear that what you put in your mouth determines so much. While many chiropractors choose short appointment times, I chose long ones so I could not only fix their bodies externally but also talk about fixing their bodies internally.

What I learned is children in many cases are not being taught by their parents about nutrition. These parents dedicated hours to music lessons, sports or tutoring, but did not teach them the most important lesson children can learn in their youth: how to be healthy. It wasn’t that parents didn’t care about their kids– they clearly they loved them. It was simply their parents had never taught them, so in turn  they didn’t know exactly what to teach their own children. I determined I was going to help them. In our day and age in a Western society where food is plentiful, sugared, pre-packaged and fast, it is becoming increasingly important to help our children negotiate the food minefield.

Remember, the the body wants to be healthy. The body wants to be well. If we treat our body right, it will treat us right.

Doctor Rach


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