Take the Nutrition Quiz.

Take the children’s nutrition quiz and find out how you rate in helping your children with their nutritional needs.

  1. How often does your child skip breakfast?

    • Never.
    • Once or twice per week.
    • Three to four times per week.
    • Three to four times per week.
  2. How many servings of vegetables is your child eating in an average day?

    • None.
    • One to two servings.
    • Three to four servings a day.
    • Five servings or more.
  3. How many times does your child drink soda, fruit juice or flavored drinks?

    • Never
    • Once to twice per week.
    • Once every day.
    • More than once a day.
  4. What type of foods does your child eat most frequently eat at each meal?

    • Fruit and Vegetables
    • Whole grains and healthy proteins.
    • Dairy.
    • Sugary or processed treats.
  5. How do you eat family dinner most nights?

    • Around the table with a home cooked meal.
    • Take out or pre-made meal.
    • Family helps themselves to what is in the fridge or pantry.
    • An even mix of home cooked and takeout food.
  6. What does your child most commonly eat after school?

    • Vegetables, fruit and whole grains.
    • Flavored milk/yoghurt .
    • Chips, cookies, cakes or processed breakfast cereal.
    • Candy.
  7. What does your child most commonly eat for breakfast?

    • Sugary cereals and store bought fruit juices.
    • Pancakes, waffles or poptart .
    • Homemade omlet and eggs, wholegrain toast with no sweetened spreads, unsweetened oatmeal .
    • Healthy smoothies filled with leafy dark greens, vegetables, fruit and healthy protein .
  8. What is your child most likely to eat for lunch at school?

    • Healthy homemade lunch packed with fruit and vegetables.
    • Healthier cafeteria option of either salad or vegetables.
    • Cafeteria pizza, burger or macaroni and cheese.
    • Skip lunch altogether .
  9. How often is your child eating Superfoods including blueberries, brocolli, sweet potatoes, quinoa, kale, avocado, almonds, salmon and coconut oil?

    • Daily.
    • Several times a week.
    • Once a week.
    • Never.
  10. How many servings of sugar-sweetened food does your child consume each day (sugar sweetened foods not only include sodas and candy but also breads, ketchups and barbeque sauces, breakfast cereals, flavored dairy. In fact the majority of processed foods include added sugar)?

    • More than six times per day.
    • four-six per day.
    • two to three per day.
    • Zero to once a day.

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