10 tips for your Family’s 2016 Nutrition Makeover

lukasThese tips are a great way to get your family’s nutrition back on track for 2016.  Adopt these habits for a year’s worth of healthy eating.

 1. Be positive about making healthy changes with your family.  Tell them about how awesome they are going to feel when they start eating better, and other potential benefits such as increased athletic performance, better concentration at school and a more happier outlook.

 2. Clear out the house.  It’s not realistic to expect that your kids (or you) are going to have the willpower to stop eating all the foods they have been feasting on for the last few weeks.  These foods are ADDICTIVE.  The time is come to pack them up and get them out of your house.  Call around to see if there is any local charities or homeless shelters that will take your remaining festive foods.

3.Fill the fridge.  Have loads fresh fruit and veggies ready to eat, so when the family is hungry there is loads of healthy options.  Unsweetened greek yogurt with fruit and honey, raw nuts and seeds, kidzshakes, hummus and guacamole are all go to snacks for my ravenous kids.

 4. Drink only water (and Kombucha and coconut water).  Sodas and juice are a large source of empty calories and chemicals.  Kick the sugar hit by implementing a water only policy in your house for a month.

 5. Support your gut.  All that treat food is going to leave your gut bacteria out of balance.  Get a great probiotic to get that gut flora in tip top condition again.  (ps. both KidzShake and KidzSprinkles are both fabulous sources of probiotics)

 6. Go Green. Green vegetables are the most nutrient dense food in the world, so try to get these into as many meals as you can.  Green shakes are one of the easiest ways to get leafy greens into your kids diets. Make some yummy warm salads over the colder months or add green vegetables to your soups and casseroles.

 7. Be Active.  During the colder winter months it is very easy for our families to become sedentary.  When my family exercises we tend to make better food choices.  Outdoor exercise is also a great way get some Vitamin D synthesis going in winter to keep the family happy during the cold winter months.  Exercise can be as easy as going on a walk around your neighborhood.

 8. Make a meal plan.  Healthy eating needs to be interesting to keep the family on track.  It’s ok to also plan for a treat meal on the weekend to reward all that healthy eating.

 9. Feed them some healthy fat.  Coming from a high calorie holiday diet, your family may feel very hungry with your healthy eating.  Make sure that you add some healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil to keep those hunger pains away.

 10. Find a buddy.  Positive changes are always easier to make with a friend.  Find another mom or dad that is trying to do the same thing with their family.  Swap recipes, tips and maybe even make an interfamily challenge.

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