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IMG_2442Everyone has a story…

I was raised with a rich heritage in Sydney, Australia. My mother was a local Aussie with a Latin name: Juanita. My father, Napoleon, grew up in Ecuador with 11 brothers and sisters.  His parents were poor and food was often scarce. At age 22 he immigrated to Australia and met my mother Juanita. I was the first baby, and four sisters and a brother followed.

When I was 12 years old, I started to notice I was getting ‘chubby.’ Despite the fact that I was very athletic and exercised regularly, I was eating the wrong foods.  I recognized at an early age that food was an important, but tricky, part of my life. I later learned that food mastery was needed not just to maintain a healthy body weight, but to keep myself healthy and energy levels high. Thus, I have always been in a good weight range, never relied on prescription drugs and generally been very healthy. Eating habits are learnt in your youth and invariably transferred into our adult life.

I was a bit of a nerd in high school and am not embarrassed to admit. Math books got me more excited than boys. University life began with aspirations to become a natural health practitioner. I desired a strong scientific basis for further studies so I enrolled in Bachelor of Medical Science, majoring  in Nutritional Biochemistry. I went on to earn my Masters of Chiropractic and LOVED practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic for 10 years.  

On my first date with my husband, Lachlan, I discovered he had celiac disease, thus learning more about food allergies. When I had my first daughter, Pascal, I felt an overwhelming responsibility as a mother for my beautiful baby’s health and wellbeing. It seems in a blink of an eye I had three more daughters: Charlize, Coco-Rose and Scarlett. Three out of my four girls have celiac’s disease.10177_217

I am not one of those mums monitoring every morsel of food going into my children’s  mouths, but I do make sure they are getting all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to be healthy and develop properly.

I was busily raising our young family and running my own chiropractic practice in Sydney when my husband was offered a new company role in the United States. We scooped up our four baby girls and flew off to our new adventure.

My first experience at an American “Mega” Mart was somewhat confronting: small produce sections, aisles and aisles of processed foods, every kind of frozen food imaginable, ingredient lists with hidden sugar, and “kids vitamins” disguised as gummy candy.  I want to reduce my kids sugar intake not increase it!

My kids were better off eating the box than eating the contents of the cereals I examined.

Momma bear surfaced and I felt frustrated and protective. Big food companies know full well that while there may be profits in selling garbage, the health and wellness of our children is in serious danger. It was time to do something about it. I took a stand in our own home and made a big effort to feed my children meals prepared from scratch using as many nutritious ingredients as I could find. My husband suggested I share what I know and am discovering with all parents. Hence, my ‘Doctor Rach’ site. Doctor Rach will provide you with a growing library of tips, recipes and research to help YOU navigate a healthy lifestyle.

Join my community of parents trying to give our kids what they deserve most: love and good health.

Doctor Rach

I love getting in the outdoors and hiking

I love hiking and the outdoors!

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