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I Love KidzShake!

I know what you’re thinking “Yeah this is your favorite product because its Doctor Rach’s KidzShake”. Fair point, but its just so darn full of the nutrition our kids need on a daily basis and also such a yummy and convenient way to get easily get this nutrition into our children I felt it had to be in my favourites. In fact, my kids want it every day so its definitely on their favorite list.

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Zero sugar, naturally sweetened, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, omega 3’s, fiber, protein, multivitamin. This has everything in it to give our children the best possible start to the day. Just add water and shake.

Here are some charts comparing KidzShake with the more popular breakfasts and snacks our kids eat. Have a look and then visit for complete nutritional information.

bfast (2)

snax (2)

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