KidzSprinkles- the Better Alternative to Gummy Vitamins


So why not Gummy Vitamins?


Children’s eating habits and overall nutrition has been a concern for parents since time began. Children’s multivitamins have been one way that parent’s have addressed these concerns.


In recent years, there has been a worrying trend of children’s supplementation resembling candy with the introduction of gummy vitamins. It is true that kids like gummy bears, but there is several problems with promoting gummy bear supplementation with our kids.


  1. Dental Decay


Most Gummy bear vitamins are made of sugar (some even HFCS), artificial colors, flavors and gelatin. The stick, gummy texture of these vitamins means that the sugar content of these gummy bears stick onto and between teeth, making them very vunerable to dental decay. Kids aren’t always the best at brushing their teeth, especially when they are little. Many dentist notice an increase in caries when children start using gummy vitamins.


  1. It’s Candy – it promotes overdose


Yes, making vitamins appear as candy is a very clever way of getting children to be compliant in their daily supplementation. The problem is that kids approach gummy vitamins as candy instead of as a supplement. In recent years, the poison control centers have seen an increase in the numbers of children overdosing on multivitamins thinking they are candy. Multivitamins are an important part of supporting your child’s health but they need to be taken in the correct doses.


  1. It’s Candy- It promotes unhealthy eating habits


We should be educating our children about healthy healthy food choices. They should understand that supplements do not take the place of real foods. We give our children very mixed messages when we hand them a gummy bear packed with sugar, artificial colors and flavors and tell them to minimize sugar and increase whole foods in their diets.



Here at KidzShake we take kids supplementation very seriously. Supplementation is an excellent way of addressing those nutritional gaps that most kids have, but we need to do it in a way that is consistent with the health messages that we send our kids. KidzSprinkles is an excellent way of providing that nutrition boost without any compromises. KidzSprinkles multivitamin also includes the benefits of probiotics, digestive enzymes and omega 3’s.

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