Should I Try to Follow the Food Pyramid

While the food pyramid seemed like great idea at the time it came out to help guide consumers in their dietary habits, there were some major flaws in the dietary advice it gave.  It had a big “breadbasket” at the bottom which failed to show that whole grains are far healthier than refined grains. It had a use sparingly next to fats which ignores the health benefits of many plant based oils. It also lumped together healthy proteins from fish, beans and nuts with less-healthy proteins form red and processed meats.  Unfortunately this food guide was based on old science and was heavily influenced by food manufacturers.  There has been newer better food guides since then such as Harvard Medical School’s Healthy Eating Plate and Healthy Eating Pyramid.  These should be used as guides only as everyone’s body is different.  I love how they have also included exercise in the pyramid.

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